Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Market Randoms to start the week

  • Batman Begins i s the best Batman made in movie ever...hope you had a great July the 4th as I did, spending quality time with my 5 year old and fireworks...
  • Would the market confound again by doing nothing for the rest of the week or negative preannouncements would shock and awe the slumbering analysts and traders?
  • More negative buzz on potential indigestion by BAC (WSJ online)...
  • Are Transports (TRAN) and 10 year yields telling us something about the economy. LEI (leading economic indicator) has already confirmed that we are sliding into a recession.
  • Trailing P/E on the S&P (measured on core operating EPS versus the doctored pro-forma) is still overvalued at 20x historically see Hussman on P/E>...buy at your own risk.
  • Dollar shorts are getting crushed again...avoid the most talked about trades, never works. You'd do better asking your friends what they are doing and run the other way.
  • If you still haven't figured out that this is a bear den, you're not READING at all. Also a closet contrarian if you'd like to know.


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