Thursday, June 30, 2005

Market Randoms -- stealing a page from Minyanville

  • Should everyone go to the movies on FOMC days? zzzzz At least there are potentially good movies to watch such as War of the Worlds.
  • FOMC is announcing its decision 2 days before the long weekend...anyone around?
  • No one is around trading this market anyway, they're flipping condos on the web
  • As I get more familiar with this blogging stuff, more primary research will be available...getting up to speed here.
  • How do you define rich? Rich is not having to work and have income coming in. That's rich...not making income of $200k and making payments on $600k mortgage.

Bank of America buying MBNA 

Well, well. Another bites the dust, when will Bank of America (BAC) stop? It was less than a year after they integrated Fleet Boston acquisition and now they are doing it again. Serial acquirer often ends up badly, think Enron, Tyco just to name a few. Banks are especially late in buying stuff. Just remember they were buying up real estates in the 90s right before the real estate crisis was brewing, or BAC buying mutual fund/brokerage companies at the peak of the stock bubble. Now they are buying credit card companies at the peak of the credit bubble and the peak of credit quality. Track the banks and what they buy and run the other way will make you rich 9 out of 10.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Test Post

Read an interesting article about the recent Supreme Court's decision on file-sharing by another blogger: New Economy of Community. , in which he summarily stated that in the end, everything wants to be be free of artificially inflated charges. This has been my contention that internet will enable deflationary forces to sweep through the corporate world and if this "force" is not dealt with or capitalized, profits will be in the hands of the masses.